The crescent moon

Get to know my beautiful friend Loz who commissioned for an artwork to suit one of her recent poems called ‘The Crescent Moon’.

Loz in Bronte Label (photo: Bronte Label)

Hi there, tell me who you are.

Hi hi hi hello, my name is Lauren but most people know me as Loz, I’m a wife, a mother, a friend, a daughter ect. I like lots of things including time with others, learning and nature, but mostly I like love.

Loz with her husband Jake (photo: Peter Ingamells Photography)
Loz and her little one: Solomon

How do you practise creativity?

Hmmmm good question, I like to dance, pick flowers, write words & draw. As a mum I find the most common practices with creativity are in my daily life; in parenting when I’m trying to encourage my son Solly to learn a new skill, finding new ways to hang out with my husband and friends, my wardrobe, meal planning, the way I decorate my home and the way I use words to encourage myself and those around me.


Tell me about the poem you wrote …

Okay, I’d been thinking a lot about the suffering that people endure and how harsh things really can be, I’d be thinking about how real that is and that it’s not just something to brush to the side. I had kind of been processing these thoughts and wondering where hope fits in without removing honesty… a few weeks later, I had a day where I’d been inside for most of the day, doing everyday things like cooking, changing nappies, cleaning etc. When suddenly (as I was drying some dishes) I noticed the moon, so confident and yet ordinary hanging in the pink tinted sky. That picture of the moon above the lemon tree and our wooden fence stirred something in me. As I looked and pondered words began to form in my mind, the words really had a flow so I wrote it down, it took about 3 minutes. I felt good about it and left it. I came back to it a few hours later and thought, I think I need to share this, it was so encouraging yet so real. So with some help from my friend Brontë who made sure it was cohesive and you, Nanda who gave colour, life and completion the poem was ready to share.

I liken us, humanity, to the moon.
Often people see just a slither of who we really are,
much like the crescent.
Behold man, luminescent, capable of making waves
but all the while simple in a big universal sky.
Where just hanging in there is profoundly enough,
casting more beauty than we could ever really know.
Sometimes we look upon on the vast, gapping creators,
seemingly so empty, but I like to think that God sees us,
the full moon, big & bright.
Adoring the shapes we make when
we are both golden & gloomy all in one.

Author: Loz Jesse Smith

Why did you choose Sunflower Sunshine to accompany your words with a piece of art?

Firstly I thought making this poem visual would really add value to it and let it speak to more people. I chose Sunflower Sunshine to complete this art work because I love and admire her art work, whenever I see it I just think “wow isn’t that amazing” I also love asking for help when I’m feeling creatively “stuck”, and man oh man it turned out even better than I imagined!

What do you have to say about the outcome?
I think that Sunflower Sunshine really brought this poem to the next level, and now it seems just so much more accessible to people that love beauty or people who are super visual. To be honest I have a print on my wall and whenever I see it I think the art just adds so much to the words!!

What’s your tip on creativity?
My tip on creativity is to learn to see the beauty in everything and to celebrate other creatives along the way, it can be hard work creating things and/or putting stuff out there so letting an artist know you value their work can’t hurt 🙂

THANKS for your time Lozzie!!
Scroll down for more photos and a download of this artwork!

I hope you liked to get to know my friend Loz and see the artwork I created for her. You can now download the artpiece HERE, for a limited time. The download will be discontinued on Monday 13th of October, 12 PM (AEST). If you would like to see more of the process of making this artwork, please let me know in the comments. Maybe I’ll write another blogpost about it!

For now, peace out! Be kind 🙂


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